Chromatographic column

in vetro

Aromas rapid extractor

check valves for vacuum duty related to gas applications

produzione di valvole di ritegno per gas, a palla, a bassa perdita di carico

Static vacuum drier fully


Construction and assembly of pump skids

attività di montaggio

Pilot plant made in Hastelloy C

impianto pilota in Hastelloy C


High quality standards

Gemux offers to its customers products and solutions based and made with the highest safety, reliability and satisfaction standards.

Presidential Decree 177/2011

Gemux is enabled to operate in all industrial environments and is in line with the legislation D.P.R. 177/2011 related to personnel qualified to operate under confinement.

Who we are Gemux’s team

The team is made by high qualified, competent and experienced sales engineers, designers and service engineers.

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Success cases Our satisfied customers

Thanks to its extensive experience, Gemux is in the position to offer customized solutions developed to meet customers’ specific needs

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Distribution Sales of Top Brands’ equipment

Gemux distributes high quality products: compressors, vacuum pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps, centrifugal pumps, mechanical seals, etc.

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Where we are Gemux is an Italian company

Gemux Headquarters are
Via Monte Grappa, 38
20835 Muggiò MB

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Gruppo vuoto per l’estrazione di incondensabili da condensatore ad aria – Impianto termovalorizzatore di Rzeszow (PL)